Altesa Baker



My journey as an actor began in college, so I thought. (It turns out I was booked in a diaper commercial at 9 months old and my mom "forgot" to tell me.) Absent that fun fact throughout my childhood and adult life, the study of acting was a deeply personal choice. I had found something I loved and became voracious in my appetite to learn.  This lead me to Grad school where I earned my MFA and also where my personal choice met the professional push into the entertainment industry. It was in school, in the midst of theory and practice, change and challenge, that I grew as a human and artist.  It's a path I continue to be grateful for as it has shaped and continues to shape who I am on all levels. My love for the study of acting and it's effectiveness to transform one's life is why I choose to use it's disciplines and craft to help others grow and meet their personal and professional goals.

My educational background includes an MFA in Acting, Actors Studio Drama School, NYC and a BA in Social Work, Rutgers University, NJ.

You can find me on the homeschool playground on IG:  @That_Homeschool_Life 

and playing the role of arts education thought leader at IG: @actorstrainingacademy

Not into social media... No worries, I have a website: