Ann Agent

holistic traditions restored

Although growing up attending public school, Ann Agent's parents made sure she was reading well before going to Kindergarten and by age 8 she was reading at a 12th grade level. They also kept telling her she should be homeschooled. This inspired her heart to interview all prospective marriage partners by telling them she planned on homeschooling her children. Most thought she was nuts, but finally one said yes!

Teaching their children to read was perplexing because what worked for her, didn't work for their 3 sons. Ann was also self-employed for 15 yrs as an educational consultant, which allowed her to share her love of reading while she was teaching her own. All three boys have grown up and are off on their own. Now that Ann and her husband are 'empty nesters' they are living off-grid in the Pacific Northwest, in an effort to return to the traditional ways that have long been forgotten.

Life is learning, and learning is life. As an autodidact, Ann's passions are mentoring people who are new to homeschooling, tutoring struggling readers, as well as teaching natural healing and traditional skills that are becoming lost in our modern world.