Donna Goff


Donna Goff is the owner and Director at MentoringOurOwn.Com. She is known as the Homeschool Mommy Mentor, helping moms succeed in homeschool, family, home and life. Donna and her husband, Roger, are parents of seven children and fourteen grandchildren. She began homeschooling in 1983 and is still in the trenches. She earned BA Art (’80) and MA Ed. (08).
Donna loves to be a wife, mother, and grandmother. She also loves blogging, presenting, learning, organizing momschools, mentoring homeschool moms, gardening, engaging in the lost arts, singing, creating stained glass murals, micro sand-carving in glass, frugality, provident living, writing poetry, nature studies, family history and sharing.
Since 1995, Donna has been presenting and keynoting at home school conferences in California, Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Washington, Nebraska, Virginia and online. She created the Mentoring Our Own Yahoo Group in 2002. Donna founded a private cyber-school and cottage school / home education hybrid in 2002. In 2009, Donna and her daughters Julia Groves and Jennifer Walton co-founded Princess Academies/ Royal Academe, and finally Mentoring Our Own.

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