Rachel DeMille


Rachel DeMille is the co-creator of TJEd, co-author of Leadership Education: The Phases of Learning and the award-winning educational resource, This Week in History, and cast member of the popular Mentoring in the Classics series. She is an accomplished musician, writer, literary editor, public speaker, consultant and momschool organizer; a musician, a foodie, a beach blonde, a poet, a polyglot and a birth coach. Wife to Oliver, mother of 8 and counting (with grandkid count at 10 plus 1 more in the making as of this writing), Rachel is on a mission to heal families and inspire others to detect, refine and unleash their genius. Currently building a mini-farm and a multi-generational family school for her tribe’s cohort of life-long learners.

Connect with Rachel:
Website:  https://tjed.org/