Meet your host!

"The Great Education Shake-Up" is an event.  It is not a person or an entity.  The event is hosted by Dianne Kelley, who owns The Simple Scholar.

Dianne is the original creator and founder of Home Education Council of America, which was founded in 2003 to serve homeschoolers worldwide with training and strategies.  In 2017, Dianne passed HECOA to a new director who took HECOA in a different direction.

In 2021, Dianne was asked to step back into the homeschool community, so she launched The Simple Scholar.  And throughout 2021 and 2022, she was asked many times to once again gather the network of thought leaders in successful home education principles and teach the new generation of homeschool parents.

Thus, "The Great Education Shake-Up" has been launched to bring those incredible speakers and their philosophies and principles to the homeschool community in one event, with one purpose - to shake up education!  

This is a simple website, dedicated solely to the event.  All of the information for the speakers and their presentation outlines are on the home page of this site (educationshakeup.com).

All recordings will belong to Dianne Kelley at The Simple Scholar and will be stored at thesimplescholar.com.

To gain access to recordings of this event, you will need to register at thesimplescholar.com as a free member (for the complimentary replays of selected segments) or a premium member (for 24/7/365 access to the replays as well as all of Dianne's courses and future events).

Early bird special pricing is offered HERE for the summit recordings as well as the membership.

To connect with Dianne and her own courses and philosophies, visit thesimplescholar.com